The Best Inbox Automation For Transportation Management Systems

Inbox automation is an AI tool that can help you get through your email inbox.

Most people try to go through emails one at a time as they come in, or you might have your own strategy for addressing your most important emails. But an AI email tool can actually surface the most important emails for you.

How Does Inbox Automation Work?

Inbox automation syncs your AI email tool with your TMS. Lots of people in the freight industry manage everything through their TMS but have their emails separate. But if you get a lot of emails from your clients, you can sync an AI tool to integrate your emails with your TMS.

This way, if you have incoming quote requests, the synced up AI tool can send a quote back to your customer. Or if you have documents like PODs and Bills of Lading and things like that coming into your email, it can automate the process of extracting those documents and putting them in your TMS for you.

Whatever TMS solution you’re currently working to manage your freight, TAI email system can work with any of them if you have rates stored in your system or some kind of rating engine to sync up with.

inbox automation teknowlogi featured

TAI mail system adds to your existing process for incoming email quote requests or tracking update requests from your clients. It can sync up with your TMS so that you email those clients back within five to 10 minutes. And it can sync up with any TMS, as long as the TMS you’re using has the proper integration capabilities.


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