Gmail Workflow Capabilities You Never Knew About

A typical Gmail workflow is essentially trying to go through your email inbox in the order the email was received. So I’ve definitely been guilty of going one by one, addressing emails in order that they came in.

That’s not the most efficient way to manage your inbox.

Gmail Workflow to Manage Your Inbox

It’s important to address the emails that are most important to your operation first. Emails that will improve your customer service level, for example.

Addressing issues that customers have immediately, or even just getting updates to your clients immediately, can improve the perception of your customer service. Then you can get to the emails that are less important later in the day.

Let Machine Learning Help

There are some common workflow efficiencies that you’re probably overlooking with Gmail. I think not enough of us are using some kind of AI software or machine learning algorithm to sort through our email inboxes to address the most important emails first.

A common mistake is going through in order to address your emails. And that’s not the most efficient way to provide customer service to your client base. An AI tool can help you surface the most important emails like an incoming quote request, or a tracking request if you’re in the freight industry.

It can also make sure that certain documents that you absolutely must have to process a payment or to process a shipment get addressed first. that’s how you provide good customer service. That’s how businesses grow and make more money by being more efficient.

Adding AI To Your Gmail Workflow

AI tools are often overlooked. Adding them to your Gmail to sort through your messages can make you more efficient.

gmail workflow woman laptop notebook

Machine learning can help improve your Gmail workflow. AI tools help you comb through your email inbox to address the most important emails first. If you have a machine learning tool to add to your Gmail, it can actually surface quotations requests coming in from your customers, and then return a quote within a couple of minutes.

For me personally, if I were to wait until I got to an email, sometimes I’m so buried that I won’t have time to return that quote to the client, and then I lose the opportunity. They go to my competitor cause it took too long for me to get a quote.

Machine learning algorithms can actually surface that quote and return a quote to the client within minutes. Whereas if I’m in a meeting for an hour and I miss it, I might lose out on that business.


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