GlobalTranz Isn’t The Only Breakthrough Service You Need To Know About

GlobalTranz Explained

GlobalTranz is one of the largest third-party logistics companies in North America. They are always ranked as one of the top-performing 3PLs.

The rankings come from carriers, customers, even their peers. It’s no secret they are a player in the logistics space. They have internal staff that work in large call centers. As well an agency model that gives them small offices spread out across the country. Also, they use their proprietary technology. It is a web-based TMS application. They use it for rating, dispatching, tracking, tracing, and other daily operations. GlobalTranz is a logistics company that focuses on selling services. They use their buying power to save shippers money moving freight.

How Tai Software Is Different

Teknowlogi is a software company and we specialize in creating software solutions. These software solutions can help other brokerages enhance their existing business. We develop products like our web-based TMS application. We also have our mobile application for driver stop management. Additionally, we have an applied intelligence solution, as well as an integration platform.

So, GlobalTranz is a services company backed up by technology. They are selling in the logistics industry. But we are a software company. We sell our products to third-party logistics companies, shippers, and freight forwarders. So there is an obvious crossover between the two companies. We do operate in the same logistics space but we do not compete with GlobalTranz.


Some of our customers are also existing GlobalTranz customers. Some of our customers are even agents, that have elected to use our software. The agents use an integration that we have with GlobalTranz. They use it to pull their rates and services into the technology system. So while we’re not competing with GlobalTranz, some of our customers are. Our customers have decided to use our technology to help them manage their business.


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