Freight Terms You Need to Know

Freight Terms You Need to Know

There are some important freight terms to know. One of them is knowing what accessorial charges are. An accessorial charge is a charge for performing a service beyond pickup or delivery.

An example of an accessorial charge is if the driver needs to use a lift gate, or if it’s an inside delivery or pickup. These are important things to know. You need to understand that these are possible charges when you are booking a shipment. Another term would be bill of lading. This is quite a receipt of goods or a description of the goods that are in that shipment.

It’s very important to know these things when you are shipping goods. It’s important to know what freight terms matter with what a broker does and what a broker’s role is in the industry. The broker’s role is to link shippers to carriers. Shippers have goods they need to move. Carriers have to trucks that move goods. A broker should provide the best costs to their customers.

freight terms

LTL is the movement of freight from several shippers on one truck. A truckload shipment is the movement of freight from one shipper that uses the entire truck. Another important term would be hazardous material. Hazardous materials are substances that the United States Department of Transportation deems as posing and unreasonable risks to health and safety. It’ll be very important to understand these things and to be able to discuss these things.

These are some important freight terms to know before diving into our software. I hope this has been helpful and thank you very much for watching.


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