Freight Software and Big Names in the Industry

Freight Software and Where to Focus

Freight software is any kind of software that helps you manage freight and shipments. It’s like a transportation management software system.

Nowadays, the major names in this software are Oracle and MercuryGate. Ours is Teknowlogi, which caters towards the middle of a large market. Those are the major players in the space right now. As well as McLeod Software and Kuebix.

freight software

In the future of this software, you want to focus on automation. That’s where the industry’s going. It’s important that in a business like the freight industry that has low margins, you find a way to scale.

A lot of TMS systems are putting a heavy emphasis on automation. And you want to be able to scale your business without having to staff up. Along with a transportation management software that has automation built-in. It is important to scale your business to your ability.


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