Freight Software Solutions: It’s What Companies Look For

Freight Software Solutions For Everyday

Freight Software Solutions are either web-based or a server-based application. Brokers and logistics companies use these applications to help manage workflow.

Everything from:

in transit and delivery, could also entail some of their accounting.

When companies do use a TMS, it helps them with their everyday operations.

Some of the main web-based applications out there for TMS applications are:

  • MercuryGate
  • Manhattan
  • TMW (also known as Trimble and McLeod)

Some of the upcoming freight software solutions vendors are focusing on these days is automation. TMS revolves around workflow. So, automation of daily tasks is always a component that customers are looking for when it comes to artificial intelligence or AI.

freight software solutions

Finding Gold With Freight Software Solutions

Companies are always looking for a neat way to find gold within their data sets and present them to their users.

Another thing people look for is shipment visibility, which is information on pickup and delivery, whether the shipment is going to be late, and so on. These are the TMS technologies that a lot of companies are focusing on.


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