Freight Carriers, What They do and How They Can Help

Freight Carriers Explained

Freight carriers are asset-based companies.

These companies have the equipment to move freight through:

  • The air
  • The ocean
  • Over the road

Using different freight companies depends on your needs. If you’re looking to move international freight and need it there fast, you can move it through the air as long as it’s not a big piece of equipment. Usually, with international, it’s a lot more expensive. But, it allows your freight to get from point A to point B a lot quicker.

Freight Carrier Options

When it comes to international shipping through the ocean, you could move larger containers but it’s a lot slower. However, this option is a lot cheaper.

When it comes to domestic or over-the-road, there’s full truckload. With full truckload, it’s 53-foot vans with different equipment types. If you’re moving a smaller type of freight under 6 pallets, then you could move it through an LTL common carrier so long as they’re not double-stackable.

Freight Carrier Services Offered

Expedited Services

Consider using sprinter vans or cartage companies for local pickup and delivery.

Specialized Delivery

Final Mile carriers are a great option. With freight carriers, you could negotiate contracted rates.

Domestic Full Truckload

A lot of the rates you get are usually done through a spot quote market. So, call different owner-operators or smaller asset-based carriers. You could get the spot quote markets on a shipment-to-shipment basis.

There are also bids you could do with larger asset-based companies. They can give you a rate based on a matrix where it can be a flat rate point-to-point or it can be a mileage rate.

LTL and Final Mile

With LTL, there could be blanket rates. The LTL freight carriers could provide these as well as customer-specific rates. This could be in-bound and out-bound based on certain liens.

freight carriers

When it comes to Final Mile, they have contracted rates from certain zones or mileage points. Also, they deliver to and from these points in the local area.

Our Application and How it Works with Freight Carriers


A Transportation Management System takes contracted rates and builds your full truckload rates. It also allows you to manage your spot quotes through the system


You could integrate with your freight carriers via API. We could integrate with SMC3 to bill out your tariffs or we could even bill out pallet rates.

Final Mile

We could do API integrations where we can pull those rates into the system. Also, if you’re looking for door-to-door service for Final Mile, we can rate your long-haul LTL and also rate your Final Mile freight carriers all at once.

Whether it’s your internal operations or your customers, you can get door-to-door rates.


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