Freight Broker Tools as Emerging High Tech Solutions

Freight Broker Tools: Some Advantages

These are some of the freight broker tools you could use as a broker. You could start utilizing GPS technology to reduce your check calls. There are a lot of advantages for a driver to install our app on their phone.

They could actually go ahead and get the location straight from their phone to their TMS. On the TMS, their staff will have complete visibility on where the equipment is at that current time. They could do this instead of calling the driver to find out where they are and recording that info on the TMS. Instead, they can get that location data visible on the TMS. This is also available for a customer to see from a customer portal. By providing this visibility, fewer people have to make calls to figure out where the equipment is.

Mobile App Advantages for Drivers

There are some good reasons a driver would want to install a mobile application on their phone. It makes it a lot more convenient for them to do their job. They wouldn’t have to worry about missing a call from a broker who’s trying to get a location. Or they wouldn’t worry about many calls throughout the day, if it’s a short haul, on where the driver’s location is.

It also helps them with documentation. Documentation is important when it comes to transportation. Usually, freight broker tools can’t invoice a customer without a POD. This is something the driver has to provide once they get a sign-off from the consignee. So as a driver gets a POD from a consignee, they could take a picture of that document with their phone. The app will then communicate straight to their TMS. So when that gets communicated to the TMS, the freight broker has that document for them to invoice. This tool will help them speed up their cash flow.

Tai Mobile App’s Freight Broker Tools

As a freight broker, you can get a lot of help from the Tai Mobile app. It will help automate a lot of your operations. Operations like dispatching, tracking, and managing the delivery of your full truckload shipments. The app will help you communicate very detailed instructions on your pick-up when it comes to the driver. You could communicate driver instructions. Here are some examples.

  • Is there a gate code that they need to be aware of?
  • Who is the contact with the shipper that they need to contact to schedule a pick-up or an appointment?
  • Can we provide the phone number for them to call to make an appointment?

Also, once they make the pickup, they could actually say when the pickup is complete.

The app will communicate straight to the freight broker. This is so the freight broker doesn’t have to call drivers to check if they picked up the shipment. Or to check if they are in transit. These checks would be automatic. So as a shipment is in transit, the freight broker tools will get tracking information. The track information will give you five to ten minutes and we’ll see on a map the location of that driver. And as it goes all the way to delivery, we will also provide very detailed delivery instructions.

Mobile App Assistance with Instructions and Documentation

Some instructions include pickup information. If they include information like a gate code number, it could be a bar code scan. If you’re required to do a bar code scan of that shipment before it gets delivered, we could also even do pictures. It is like what Amazon does with their small packages during delivery. You can take a picture of the commodity in its current condition before you leave that facility.

freight broker tools

It’s the same thing with documentation. Documentation like a POD. You could take a picture of that POD. Then the freight broker tools can communicate that information could to the freight broker. This is so they don’t have to have someone call and nag the driver to email or fax the POD. This can sometimes take days, even a week to get communicated back to the brokerage. This will impede on cash flow because they need that POD to invoice their customer. So, those are some of the ways that Tai Mobile will help automate your operations. It helps with dispatching, tracking and managing the delivery of your freight.


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