FedEx Freight Quote: Best Found at the Source

FedEx Freight Quote, It’s Easier to Get Than You Think

FedEx freight quotes are best found through FedEx’s service.

Now, a lot of times, when people think of FedEx, you think of the small package or parcel that’s delivered to your house. Or it could be something that’s moving from a small business to your company. That’s what people usually think of when they hear the name FedEx Freight or even UPS Freight.

The main difference here, however, is that FedEx Freight is going to move the freight around. And so, the larger pieces that need to be moved are handled by that side of the business. This is different from parcels and the other things that are moving. But, the freight is the key work in that.

On FedEx’s site, you can plug in your commodity information. Then, you’ll receive a FedEx freight quote back based off of that.

Don’t Forget You Have Options

But if you get that one rate back, you don’t have an opportunity to compare it to the other carriers.

With Teknowlogi’s TMS, we’re able to send that same information through our API over to FedEx. We grab a rate quote from them and then present it to our customer. And not only with a FedEx rate quote but with all the other available rate quotes.

Determining the class for the FedEx freight quote can happen in a couple of different ways. FedEx happens to have a tool on their site that allows you to select based on an icon or picture. It asks things like:

  • What is it that you’re moving?
  • Are you moving paper goods?
  • Are you moving electronics?

This helps you identify or make sure that you have the correct class assigned to your shipment. As well as a more accurate FedEx freight quote.

fedex freight quote

What We Can Do

Teknowlogi’s TMS has a similar tool. Based on DIMS and the other information that you’ve typed in, you’ll know the weight of the shipment. As well as if there is an NMFC that can influence the commodity there.

All those get considered and if the wrong or different class gets selected, then a suggestion will pop up. It will say “Hey the class may be different.”

And, in that case, there’s also a class calculator that pops up that allows you to plug that same information. Then, it will show you how we’ve arrived at that class that we’re suggesting.

We can get you that FedEx freight quote and more.


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