Email Productivity is What You Need to Succeed

Email productivity can be extremely overwhelming if you’re not using a strategy to get through your inbox.

If you work in an office, you get tons of emails a day. It can be really difficult to get through all of them in a productive fashion.

There are strategies like Inbox Zero or different AI tools that can attach to your email if you’re getting overwhelmed. But if you’re not using a strategy to get through your inbox, and you’re just going through them one at a time, that’s not the most efficient way to get through your inbox.

Which Emails Are Important For Productivity?

Some emails are pertinent to making money or providing better customer service. And then there are emails that could be ‘snoozed’ until tomorrow or later in the day. And if you don’t find a strategy for getting to the most important emails, it will slow down your overall productivity.

Are you trying to measure email productivity? Start by focusing on the emails that will make you the most money or are most pertinent to customer service. If something becomes a problem because it takes you too long to get to the email, you’re probably being inefficient with your email strategy.

You need a strategy for shuffling through the emails that can wait to make sure you hit the ones that are will provide good customer service and are pertinent to making the company money.

You’ll know the strategy is working based on how many fires you’re putting out each day because you waited too long to answer an email. If that isn’t happening, then you’re probably on the track.

Strategies for Improving Email Productivity

It’s always good to find new ways to improve email productivity. There are several strategies for doing so. One is Inbox Zero.

With this strategy, if you can’t answer an email but you’ve looked at it and you know that it can wait, you snooze that email and let it go out of your inbox. It pops back up later, or tomorrow when you need to address it. That allows you to focus on the more important emails. Again, those are emails that will make your company money or are pertinent to customer service.

There are also several AI tools that can help you with your inbox. In the freight industry, for example, it can be overwhelming to answer every email quote request that comes into your inbox, as well as the slew of tracking update requests that you get from your customers.

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An AI tool can help you extract all the important emails and address them immediately. Then you can shuffle the ones that are less important to later in the day when you have the time.

This way you’re maximizing your productivity on the emails that will make you money or keep your customers happy. Which, in turn, is making you more money or keeping your business consistent and productive.


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