Email Management in the Freight Industry

Email management is just essentially a philosophy of how you get through your emails.

It’s really important not to just go through emails in the order that they were received. You need to make sure you kinda comb through your email inbox to make sure the most important emails are addressed.

You can always snooze the ones that can wait till later in the day or even tomorrow. This can be really, really difficult to do in the freight industry. There’s so many emails that it’s hard to decide which ones are gonna be more important than others.

For the most part, in the freight industry, a lot of the emails that an operations representative gets are really important. They’re going to need a response very quickly.

How Can Email Management Help Freight Brokers?

The way email management can help a freight broker is with a more efficient way of addressing emails that need to be responded to in a timely manner.

These can include:

  • Incoming quote requests
  • Tracking update requests
  • Bills of lading
  • PODs

You have to make sure those get sorted properly. You have to make sure you respond to every quote request in a timely manner. Otherwise, you’re gonna lose the opportunity.

Why is Email Management Important?

Email management in the freight industry is extremely important. You have to make sure you don’t just go through your inbox as the emails came in.

Instead, you have to make sure to surface the most important ones and respond to them in a timely manner.

This can be really difficult to do in the freight industry because you get so many incoming quote requests. If you’ve got 20 in your inbox, obviously you have to address them as they came in, which goes against the philosophy of email management. But there’s no other way to manage it unless you use some sort of AI tool.

How Can AI Help with Managing Emails?

Tai Email Assistant is an AI tool specifically designed to help the freight industry with email management. It allows you to go through your inbox much more efficiently.

Whenever a quote request comes in via email from your client, Tai Email Assistant will actually extract the important information from that quote request, all the shipment details, and it’ll return a quote to the client within five minutes. This is super exciting for any freight broker.

This eliminates waiting for an ops team member to respond to 50 quote requests in their inbox. They won’t have to go through those one at a time anymore. The last one that came in used to take 40 minutes to get to, which in the freight industry is sorta unacceptable.

Most of your clients are using multiple freight brokers, and you’re gonna lose that quote opportunity to your client if it’s not addressed immediately.

Natural Language Processing

Tai Email Assistant does is it uses natural language processing to actually extract the important information that it needs to generate a quote and then return a quote to your client within five minutes.

email management freight industry featured

It does that in a way that looks like it came from the ops representative. The email doesn’t actually look like it came from a machine. It looks like it came from your ops team, but it’s delivered within five minutes rather than waiting until the ops team has a chance to get to it.

Ops teams get really bogged down with emails in the freight industry. It’s really hard to decide the best way for a human being to go through their inbox. It seems like most days, every email they’re getting is really important and it needs to be addressed in a timely manner.

An AI tool like Tai Email Assistant helps you sort through those emails and helps you respond to them within minutes.


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