AI Powered Email Capabilities

Tai TMS is leading the AI movement within the freight industry by empowering freight brokers with intuitive AI tools to speed up workflows.

Making Smarter Connections Faster

Choosing the right carrier is critical. Tai TMS uses AI to simplify this by analyzing data on rates and carrier performance, efficiently matching you with the best options and refining criteria over time for smarter, faster decisions.

AI-Powered Inbox Management

Inbox management has always been a dreaded task. From shipment tracking to negotiating quotes. Let AI technology read and extract all the relevant details from your inbox and recreate them in Tai TMS. Say goodbye to manual data entry!

End-To-End Operational Visibility

Powered by AI, brokers can leverage comprehensive insights and aggregated information that make tangible differences in your decision-making processes and how you service customers.

Rapid Quoting & Tracking

Truckload and LTL quoting can be compressed from hours to mere minutes in a TMS that properly leverages AI. This, paired with automated tracking and data consolidation, means response times are virtually instantaneous.

Tai TMS Utilizes AI to Get Freight Brokers Out of Their Inbox

Traditional freight brokerage operations have been historically inefficient. Manual processes and associated errors are now being overhauled by AI-driven technology that streamline the manual and time consuming workflows, all while providing next-gen insights that foster data-driven decisions

AI Extracts Shipment Details from Incoming Quote Requests

By extracting the data and then employing Natural Language Processing (NLP), Tai TMS identifies and categorizes customer requests and needs within emails, records them in the TMS for better data visibility and even writes the response emails as needed.

This AI-driven data extraction eliminates the need for manual data entry and aggregation, a historically time-consuming and error-prone task. Impressively, Tai TMS achieves an automation rate of 97%, enabling brokers to dedicate their energy to addressing unique requests and complexities.

AI Can Write Quote Responses Using the Quote Shipment Data For You

Using sophisticated language models and machine learning algorithms, our Google Bard Generative AI integration carefully examines the email’s context, and offers users intelligent suggestions to enhance their email compositions.

Your team now has the AI capability to generate helpful email responses, saving time and improving the overall communication quality with your customers.

AI Processes Your Shipment Documents For You,Saving Each Rep 10+ Hours Each Week!

The AI Document Processor within Tai TMS allows you to automatically process a stack of documents, such as carrier bills, PODs, and inspection certificates.

The Tai Extraction feature within the processor automatically extracts the useful information from the documents, turning it into live data that you can utilize within the system.

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Tai combines smart technology with personalized logistics solutions. We’re focused on streamlining freight management, leveraging AI to enhance service clarity, operational efficiency, and reliable support. Our aim is to consistently give our clients the competitive edge they need.