Your Email Assistant App Can Make Communication Better

An email assistant is an app-based solution for getting through your email inbox.

The way I use an email assistant app is to make sure that I’m addressing all of the really important emails in my inbox.

Prioritize Messages with an Email Assistant

In today’s day and age, you get a lot of emails per day that you don’t necessarily need to get to right away. Sometimes they even bury the more important emails. So an email assistant is an app that will allow important emails to get addressed very quickly. And you can get to the rest of the emails later on in the day, sort of sorting by importance.

An email assistant app can make probably anybody’s life easier. The way I would use an email assistant is to make sure I’m getting through every email that I need to get through in a given day. So an email assistant will actually address all of the really important emails.

Email Assistant App for the Freight Industry

So, for instance, in the freight industry, you wanna make sure you get to all your quote requests, tracking requests, and any documents that are important to making sure a shipment gets from point A to point B.

An email assistant is an app-based solution that would allow you to make sure you address all those really important emails, and then, as a human being, you can kind of go in and sort through ones that are less important.

Applied Artificial Intelligence

An email assistant works effectively in the freight industry too. It’s an artificial intelligence tool that helps to make sure you address all of your most important emails. Not just for quoting, but also for tracking updates and document sorting.

When a quote request comes in from a client, if you’re a logistics service provider, you need to address that quote immediately within five or 10 minutes. Otherwise you could lose the opportunity to your competitor.

Tracking Updates & Quotes

And then to provide a better level of customer service, an email assistant app tool can actually also use artificial intelligence to provide tracking updates to where their shipments are.

So some clients will always email you for that tracking update. An email assistant will actually use artificial intelligence to recognize the tracking update and then return the tracking update to the client.

email assistant app

It’s the same thing with a quote. AI recognizes the quote and returns a quote immediately to the client. And also with sorting documents that need to go to certain shipments. This helps make sure that you’ve proved the shipment was delivered. And any kind of billing documents or your bill of lading as well.


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