Email AI is the Best Tool For Your Freight Brokerage

Email AI is an artificial intelligence tool that attaches to your email to make you as productive as possible.

An AI tool for your email can make your life easier by surfacing the most important emails that you need to address immediately, or in a timely manner.

It can also temporarily dismiss the emails that stress you out and fill up your inbox. You don’t want to feel like you need to respond to everything immediately, and end up going through emails one at a time to address them as they came in.

Prioritize the Emails That Make You Money With AI

AI tools can help surface the emails that are most important to your operation — the ones that make you money. These include:

  • New clients requesting a quote
  • Appointment requests
  • Current clients with urgent needs

An AI tool will surface those emails for you and even help you respond to them in some cases. You can provide better customer service and make sure you’re focused on emails that will make your company money.

Rather than being overwhelmed choosing which emails are important, an AI tool can handle it by sorting them and addressing them as they come in.

Email AI works really well in the freight industry if you’re getting an overwhelming number of:

  • Quote requests for spot quotes
  • Freight or tracking update requests
  • Documentation requests that need to be filed appropriately within your TMS

An AI tool can actually help you with all of that. If you’re trying to provide a quote, for instance, and you have a department responding to incoming quotes and spot quotes all day, that can be pretty time-consuming.

Dedicating those resources to one task can also be costly for a business when that budget could go somewhere else. That team is just entering data and responding to emails, whereas an AI tool can respond to quotes automatically.

Email AI Responds to Quotes Automatically

These tools receive the emails, read the emails, and extract the most important details from each message.

email ai teknowlogi featured

For instance, everything that you need for quoting, including origin, destination, and dimensions can be extracted by email AI. That information syncs up with your TMS rates and sends a quote back to your customer within five to 10 minutes.

This saves time and allows you to allocate your labor resources to sales or better customer service. Your team can reach out to customers and make sure everything’s going okay instead of dealing with incoming quote requests, tracking requests, and documents that need to be sorted.


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