Cheapest Shipping Rates: You Get What You Pay For?

Cheapest Shipping Rates, at High Volumes

Cheapest shipping rates depend on the relationship that you have with UPS or with FedEx. If you’re searching for shipping rates and go to FedEx or UPS, it can be difficult if you’re not shipping high volume. So a lot of companies will go to a freight broker who already has an established relationship with UPS or FedEx.

They already have their rates established and they’d be moving high volume. This is because they’re a logistics service provider for quite a variety of companies. So, they will be able, usually, to get you a better price.

The pricing always depends on:

One of them wouldn’t be cheaper than the other, it depends on your relationship with the carrier. You should avoid the cheapest shipping rates if the company is not reputable.

Do Your Research…

There are quite a few companies out there that are willing to move your shipments for you at a low cost. But they have to cut that cost somewhere.

Sometimes your freight is not handled as carefully as the more reputable carriers may. So be careful when looking for the cheapest shipping rates. If you’re shipping high volume, you could negotiate your rates with a carrier.

cheapest shipping rates

Most people end up going to a freight broker or a third-party logistics provider. Those companies will already have pre-negotiated rates.

They’re already moving high volume because they’re moving freight for many companies. So they have their rates pre-negotiated with some of the carriers. This offers a shipper a discount because they’re getting the volume discount offered.

The most efficient way to find the cheapest shipping rates is to get into a digital marketplace. Like Teknowlogi or TAI Marketplace, for example. Here, carriers and third-party logistics providers sell their rates.

… Or We’ll Do It For You

Access to Teknowlogi’s digital marketplace shows you these rates in one convenient platform. Rather than having to do a google search for the cheapest shipping rates from FedEx and UPS.

Instead, a digital marketplace has this information in one convenient location. Something to check out if you’re looking for the cheapest shipping rates. I would look at Teknowlogi’s marketplace.


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