Freight Brokers

Arm Up for Today's Market Battle!

Introducing Tai's Truckload Quoting Page, your strategic command center for conquering logistics challenges.

Elevate Your Brokerage Operations

Unlock the full potential of freight brokerage from our dynamic screen. Brokers gain unparalleled control to compare market data, seamlessly communicate with clients and carriers, access critical compliance information, and effortlessly manage postings to load boards—all through one streamlined interface.

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Streamline Your Freight Brokerage Operations
with Advanced Solutions

Negotiate with Unyielding Confidence

Tai consolidates historical pricing alongside rate intelligence tools, empowering your team with the latest market rates. Armed with this data, they confidently negotiate with carriers and shippers, ensuring victory in every deal.

Effortless Carrier Quote Collection

Your team unleashes the entire carrier network for lane service on the Truckload quoting page through email blasts and quick load board posts. Simplify the process, streamline quote requests, and aggregate pricing data seamlessly for future use.

Re-Use Trusted Carriers with Ease

Tai facilitates quick identification of favored carriers servicing specific lanes, enabling your reps to connect with reliable partners swiftlyto swiftly connect with reliable partners. Enhance relationships, reduce fraud risk, and move away from the ‘post and pray’ approach to secure better outcomes.

View Compliance at a Glance

Tai provides a comprehensive overview of carrier compliance, allowing your team to act swiftly on competitive rates. Ensure adherence to standards and reduce errors by seamlessly managing carrier packets on a single screen.

Seamless Communication Without Interruption

Integrate Tai directly with your broker’s inbox for swift communication with shippers and carriers without leaving the page. Accelerate processes, log activities, and grant managers enhanced operational visibility—all in real-time.

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At Tai TMS, we don’t just provide a platform; we forge partnerships that drive success.