Artificial Intelligence and Tai: Revolutionary Technology on the Edge

Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Capabilities Support The Tai Shipping Marketplace

Tai Software is the pioneer of the Logistics Expert System (LES) and creator of Tai. Tai is the industry’s only cloud-based solution built on artificial intelligence (AI). We introduced the Tai Shipping Marketplace. This is a new tool in its technology platform that connects buyers and sellers of shipping rates. We made the announcement at the NASSTRAC Conference and Transportation Expo in Orlando.

Artificial Intelligence

What is Tai Shipping Marketplace?

The Tai Shipping Marketplace is an online, self-service tool. Also, we deliver it through the Tai Software platform. It connects buyers of shipping rates with sellers of shipping rates. The former are looking to save money. The latter are looking to make money. Also, this takes place across North America. Shippers will also have access to Tai’s artificial intelligence capabilities. This is part of the Marketplace. For example, Tai will serve as an “advisor” to shippers. It will tell them what carriers could save. It will tell them how to improve service. In particular, if the shipper needs one-day transit time. That compares to two or three days to deliver products to customers.

A lot of research points to the positive impact artificial intelligence will have. Also, that includes the logistics industry. There is still a good amount of confusion about how it will work. The Tai Shipping Marketplace allows us to deliver a solution for business challenges. We do this while giving shippers first-hand experience into how Tai can work on their behalf.

Registration to access the Tai Shipping Marketplace is free. Transactional fees charge to companies every time you book a shipment. Also, the Tai Marketplace is already one of the logistics industry’s fastest-growing marketplaces. It has more than 3,000 organizations already participating. It has also amassed more than 55 million transaction requests.

Marketplace Users Get Extra Boost from Tai Mobile Artificial Intelligence

Tai Mobile Intelligence addresses yet another basic business need for shippers. That is how to provide visibility across their entire shipment life cycle.

Tai Mobile Intelligence enables on-demand self-service. It works for data, business process management, and API management. It does this for all segments of the logistics industry. creating a one-stop shop for all types of asset carriers, 3PLs and shippers. Also, we enable end-users to address industry “hot points.” These include:

  • shipment visibility
  • shipment management
  • trailer management
  • trailer/truck capacity management

Tai Mobile Intelligence does this anytime and from any location.

“We want to simplify the buzzwords and cut through the hype. That way we get to the heart of solving basic business challenges for shippers. Also, we do this with a combination of practical and relevant technology solutions.” – Spencer Askew.

Tai Software is a Diamond Sponsor at the 2018 Shippers Conference and Transportation Expo. Askew presented the “Ask the Expert” session. He titled it: “Simplifying Your Business with Applied Intelligence,” and he gave it at 2 p.m., on April 30 at the event. Attendees also visited Booth 127 to get a personalized demo of how the Tai Marketplace works. They could also view the other capabilities of the Tai platform and mobile app.


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