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5 Ways Brokers Can Minimize Accounting Anguish

The freight brokerage industry is highly competitive, and brokers are constantly looking for ways to improve their cash flow operations. One of the best ways for brokers to do this is to use a modern TMS that can help automate and streamline accounting processes. Download the whitepaper to explore how we’re empowering brokers to maximize efficiency through automation.

Streamline Cash Flow, and offer better customer experience by Leveraging AI technology!

Automated Data Entry

Brokers spend hours manually entering data into their TMS, which is time-consuming and error-prone. Let AI technology automate the entry of data from documents such as emails, bills of lading, and PODs.

Invoice Automation

Brokers often lack real-time visibility into their cash flow, which can make it difficult to identify and address potential problems early on. Automate the generation of invoices based on the information in the TMS.

Complete Reporting

Brokers often have to rely on multiple reports to get a complete picture of their cash flow, which can be time-consuming and confusing. Utilize AI to automatically identify and report discrepancies between TMS data and carrier data.

The Tai TMS Revolution

Through AI-driven automation, Tai TMS offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges that have historically plagued the freight brokerage world. We are constantly innovating to provide brokers best-in-class tools designed specifically to improve, augment, and amplify their day-to-day operations. The freight brokerage landscape is evolving. And we’re inviting you to embark on the journey with us.

Tai TMS is the all-in-one solution tailored specifically to brokers. Ready to see what makes Tai stand out? Contact Tai TMS to set up your free demo and navigate the storm successfully.

Tai TMS for Accurate Freight Quoting for Brokers

Scale Your Brokerage with Tai TMS

A modern TMS facilitates strategic alliances and strengthens partnerships during challenging periods. Efficient coordination, real-time data sharing, and centralized partner management foster collaboration and disruption mitigation.

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